Wireless & Telecom

Zambia Reviews Type Approval Guidelines
Canada Releases Decision on the Technical, Policy and Licensing Framework for Wireless Microphones
Japan Publishes Revised Frequency Assignment Plan
Saudi Arabia Informs on Wi-Fi 6e Availability
China Updates Rules for 5G Mobile Devices
Brazil Updates Specific Absorption Rate Testing Procedure for Telecom Products
Vietnam Launches Range of New National Technical Regulations on Safety and RF Requirements Soon
South Africa Switches to IEC 62368-1 Safety Requirements
China Updates National Radio Regulations
Qatar Publishes Class License for Use of RLAN Devices Operating in 5925-7125 MHz Frequency Range
India Postpones Effective Date for Mandatory Certification of Telecom Equipment
Mexico Establishes Technical Standard Specifying SAR Requirements
European Union Initiates Updates of Declaration of Conformity Related to RED Directive
Malaysia Updates MCMC /SIRIM Certificate Format
Sri Lanka Publishes New Type Approval Regulation for R&TT Equipment
Russia Updates List of Application That Must Be Preinstalled on All Smartphones
Peru Postpones Implementation of New Requirements for Mandatory Certification of Energy Appliances
Transition Period for Non-Compliant Radio Equipment Expired in Ukraine
Guidance on Placing Manufactured Goods on the UK Market after the Brexit
Vietnam Publishes MIC Regulations Updates
South Korea Market Access for Electrical and R&TT Products
Indonesia Updates Market Access Rules for WLAN Devices Operating on 2.4 and 5.8 GHz Frequency Bands
Switzerland Issues Energy Efficiency Requirements for Lamps
Thailand Сhanges Type Approval Process for Cellular Devices
Canada Establishes New Requirements for Wireless Device Testing Laboratories
FCC Publishes Guidance for Compliance Measurements on Digital Transmission Systems, FHSS Systems and
Allocation of 5G Spectrum in 3.5 GHz Band in New Zealand
The Nigerian Communications Commission Enables Family Approval Within Type Approval Procedure
Malaysia Implements Electronic Certificate of Conformity
Brazil Updates Technical Requirements and Testing Procedures for Certain Telecom Products
Japan Changed Marking Requirements for Wireless Product Certification
Mexico Published Radio Spectrum Utilization Program for 2019
Gambia Published National Frequency Allocations Table
Canada Publishes New Radio Standard Specification
FCC Enables Spectrum Above 95 GHz for Licensed and Unlicensed Use
Brazil Updates Technical Requirements for Restricted Radiocommunication Equipment
FCC Sets up Regulation For Relicensing of 700 MHz Spectrum
Brazil Updates Technical Requirements for Telecommunications Products Working with Narrowband IoT
Korea Publishes Amendments to Technical Standards for Terminal Equipment
Guide to Costa Rica Market Access for Electrical and R&TT Products
Ghana Sets Mandatory Certification for Some High-Risk Goods
Canada Updates Radio Standards for Sub-GHz Wireless Equipment
FCC Publishes Guide to Certification of Modular Transmitters
Indonesia Establishes New Certification Requirements for Telecommunication Equipment
Canada Publishes Decision on Technical and Policy Framework for White Space Devices

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