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Mexico Publishes New Standard for Primary Power Units and Batteries

On November 3, 2018 Mexican standard NOM-212-SCFI-2017: “Primary cells and primary batteries - Maximum permissible mercury and cadmium limits - Specifications, test methods and labelling” was published. The document came into force on September 28, 2019.

This mandatory Official Mexican Standard establishes and defines:

  • characteristics of various types of batteries

  • classification by the electrochemical system technology

  • maximum permissible limits of Mercury (0.0005% by weight) and Cadmium (0.0020% by weight)

  • labeling on packaging and/or on batteries

  • test methods

  • sampling

  • conformity assessment procedure

  • certification process

This Mexican Standard is applicable to primary power units and batteries that are imported into Mexico and/or marketed in Mexico and indicated in Table 1 of this Standard.

All batteries and batteries that are commercialized as part of an electronic or electrical product are excluded from the scope of this Mexican Standard. In other words NOM-212-SCFI-2017 does not cover cells and batteries contained in an electrical or electronic device and are required for its functioning.

NOM-212-SCFI-2017 does not also correspond to other international standards.

Labelling requirements for packaging and/or batteries

In order to identify the different types of batteries and their characteristics on the body of the battery or on its packaging, the following information should appear:

  • Battery designation, name or abbreviation of the technology concerned, in accordance with this NOM

  • Recommended expiry period or year, month or week of manufacturing which may be in the code

  • Polarity of the positive terminal

  • Nominal voltage, volts

  • Name or trademark of the manufacturer or supplier

In addition, the products covered by this Mexican Standard must be clearly and legibly displayed on a product packaging with at least the following information in Spanish:

  • The graphic representation or name of the product

  • Denomination or business name and address of the national manufacturer or importer

  • Phrase identifying the country of origin (for example: "Made in...", "Manufactured in...", "Hecho en...", "Manufacturado en...", etc.)

  • Quantity indication according to NOM-030-SCFI-2006

The official document is available here.

The information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

GMA Consult Group provides a full cycle of international type approval and global market access services for IT, Telecom and industrial electrical products in all countries throughout the world. With proven expertise in worldwide regulations, compliance, certification, and conformity assessment, GMA Consult Group can help your company speed up the access to any market with almost zero efforts from your side.

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GMA Consult Group provides a full cycle of international type approval and global market access services for the IT, telecom and industrial electrical products in all countries throughout the world. 

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