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India Launches Smart Registration Scheme for R&TT Equipment

On May 21, 2019, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) launched a smart registration scheme for Electrical and Electronics products.

Under the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS), it is mandatory for manufacturers to get their products registered before launching them into the market. Full list of products that fall under the scope of CRS is available here.

Please, note that manufacturers of those products are required to apply for registration from BIS after getting their product tested by BIS-recognized labs.

You can also find the guidelines for the use of Standard Mark and labeling requirements under BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme for Electronic and IT Products. Please, check it here.

Key points of the smart registration process:

  • Applicants are required to apply online for Registration

  • Original test reports issued from labs recognized by BIS under CRS should be submitted with the application

  • All foreign applicants having no liaison office or branch office located in India have to appoint an Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) according to the guidelines issued by BIS in the prescribed nomination form

  • Authorized Indian Representatives of applicants located outside India have to submit an affidavit cum according to Format A/Format B as mentioned in the guidelines.

  • Fee to be deposited according to the fee structure for CRS

  • All queries on the application will be approved by BIS online and have to be replied by applicants online

  • Once a query is satisfactorily resolved and affidavit cum undertaking has been submitted, Registration is granted by BIS

  • The grant of the Registration letter will be uploaded to the applicant's portal

  • Registered manufacturers can request to include new models to the same product and brand under the same registration number

  • Registration is initially granted for 2 years which has to be renewed after every 2 years.

  • Standard time for obtaining Registration: 20 working days

The full text of the official document is available here.

The information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

GMA Consult Group provides a full cycle of international type approval and global market access services for IT, Telecom and industrial electrical products in all countries throughout the world. With proven expertise in worldwide regulations, compliance, certification, and conformity assessment, GMA Consult Group can help your company speed up the access to any market with almost zero efforts from your side.

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GMA Consult Group provides a full cycle of international type approval and global market access services for the IT, telecom and industrial electrical products in all countries throughout the world. 

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