South Korea Launches Compulsory Quality Evaluation System for Packaging

April 16, 2020


The Government of South Korea keeps paying attention to the process of saving and recycling of resources. Recently, it launched the evaluation system to control the quality and structure of packaging materials. According to this system, manufacturers of recyclable packaging must estimate the recycling level for their products and check whether the used materials comply with the essential national standards.


Once the manufacturer does it, he must provide the results together with the relevant documents to the Korean Environmental Corporation. Therefore, the Corporation checks the provided documents to make sure that the results are accurate and complete. Based on the evaluation results received from the Korean Environmental Corporation, the manufacturer puts the label on the package. The label shows the recycling class to which the product belongs. There are four that representing how easy it is possible to recycle the package:


1. The Best

2. Excellent

3. Medium

4. Refractory 


If it is hard to recycle the package, it must be labeled with the relevant information. The other three classes are not mandatory for indication.


Thus, all recyclable packaging must pass the evaluation procedure and get the supporting document from the Korean Environmental Corporation up to September 24, 2020. Otherwise, the product will be banned in South Korea and the manufacturer of such products will get a fine.

The information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.
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