Pakistan Issues Amendments to Type Approval Technical Standards Regulations

June 13, 2019



At the end of April, Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) issued amendments to the Type Approval Technical Standards Regulations.


The amendments concern the following:


  1. Within the type approval evolution, PTA will verify Type Allocation Code (TAC) via GSMA database. During the type approval procedure, all GSMA TAC issued for the specific model should be included there.

  2. The Authority shall allow import of PTA type approved models by all persons by issuing certificate of compliance to technical standards for use within PTA/FAB allowed frequency bands as per conditions indicated for SIM/IMEI based terminal equipment/mobile devices and for non- SIM/IMEI based wireless terminal devices.

  3. At the same time, conditions for SIM/IMEI based terminal equipment/mobile devices were slightly changed with regard to GSMA TAC. For this parameter, GSMA TAC will be reflected not only in the PTA issued type approval certificate but also on the PTA website. Thus, no TAC addition will be required for the type approved model. All new TAC notified by GSMA shall be added when made available by GSMA and placed on the PTA website.

  4. Conditions for SIM/IMEI based terminal mobile devices imported by a person for personal use were amended with regard to GSMA TAC. For now, IMEI for devices will contain only GSMA TAC excluding those placed in blacklist by the Authority

  5. The checklist for processing of Type Approval documents was amended with provision of TAC details from GSMA Association in case of device offering IMEI/SIM based functionality.


Note, as part of evaluation of type approval, PTA will verify applied TAC with GSMA database and if needed further verification will be requested directly from GSMA for the specific TAC. Upon approval of the request, all GSMA TAC (except TAC which is blacklisted by the Authority) issued for the specific model should included there. A manufacturer or another authorized person will also ensure that the device IMEI cannot be modified and no such provision will be built in the mobile device for use to perform such changes.


The information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.


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