Oman Adopts Standard on Energy Labeling and Minimum Energy Performance Requirements for Air Conditioners

August 2, 2019


On May 24, 2018, Oman's Ministry of Commerce and Industry enacted Decision No. 107/2018 on the adoption of Gulf Standard 2530:2016 on Energy Labeling and Minimum Energy Performance Requirements For Air Conditioners as a mandatory Omani Standard. 


This standard specifies the energy labeling requirements and the Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) requirements for window single-package, split-system non-ducted air conditioners using air-cooled condensers, split-system ducted air-conditioners using air-cooled condensers, and heat pumps using air-cooled condensers for residential, commercial and industrial sector as applicable in accordance with GSO SASO Standards. It is applied to units designed to operate in AC single phase or three-phase circuits according to GSO 1899/2009 "GCC Standard voltages and frequencies for AC transmission and distribution systems". It covers units with capacities up to and including 70000 Btu/h (20 kW).


Starting from July 25, 2019, manufacturers intending to import products into the Sultanate of Oman


1. must have them tested according to the standard GSO 2530/2016,

2. register products in the Omani Energy Efficiency Ratio System

3. obtain the permit to use the Omani energy efficiency labeling


The Omani Energy Efficiency Ratio System is an electronic platform used to distribute energy efficiency labels for air conditioners in accordance with the Omani-Gulf standard for energy efficiency. The energy efficiency labels have to be placed clearly on all air conditioner interfaces specified in the standard to inform consumers and provide them with the information that helps to choose a product with the least energy-consuming performance.


Energy efficiency is expressed in the number of stars on the energy efficiency label. The more stars the air conditioner has, the lesser energy it consumes. The higher the number of stars, the more efficient the air conditioner is in terms of electricity consumption.


Example of the label:



The link to Oman Official Gazette, № 1245, 27.05.2018, p.23 can be found here.


The information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team. 


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