Key Aspects of Product Marking with Conformity Mark in Morocco

January 14, 2020


The Ministry of Industry, Investment, Trade and Digital Economy of Morocco published the Law 24-09 on the Safety of Products and Services to protect the users of industrial products distributed on the Moroccan market. 


The law aims to:


- prevent accidents related to the use of products

- guarantee consumer confidence

- strengthen the responsibility of economic operators

- strengthen market surveillance

- ensure product compliance with current regulations

- bring Moroccan legislation closer to international practices

- facilitate compensation for victims of dangerous products


This law, which establishes the obligation for any importer or manufacturer to mark its products, is valid for three categories of products:


  • electrical equipment intended to be used within certain voltage limits

  • equipment affected by electromagnetic compatibility

  • toys


The above-mentioned categories of products should meet the requirements of the relevant national technical regulations of Morocco before being able to affix the Cم. mark. 


However, once the product meets the technical regulations requirements, the manufacturer should draw up a declaration of conformity by which he confirms that the product meets the essential safety requirements provided for by the specific technical regulations applicable to that product. 


This declaration of conformity must contain: 


- products identification information

- name and address of the manufacturer

- reference to the standards applied


The declaration of conformity must be kept and made available to the competent authority upon the request for a period of at least ten years. 


Thus, the conformity mark shows that the product meets the requirements of the relevant national technical regulations and is safe. Taking into account the fact that  foreign manufacturers can not immediately affix the conformity mark, especially in the case when families of products intended to be put to the world market, it was decided not to control the presence of the mark strictly up to November 2021, provided that the manufacturers undertake to initiate the procedure for affixing the mark. 


Please note that it is strictly forbidden to affix the mark if the product doesn’t meet the relevant requirements. Moreover, if during the market surveillance the authority finds product that does not comply with the regulations, the following sanctions can be applicable: 

  • imprisonment for the period from 3 months to 2 years 


  • a fine from 50,000 to 1,000,000 Dh (5 000 — 100 000 USD approximately)


Graphic representation of the conformity mark of Morocco


When applying the conformity mark on your products, be sure that the vertical dimension of the letter "C" is not less than 6 mm.


The mark shall be affixed visibly, legibly, and indelibly to the electrical and electronics products or to its data plate.



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