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Philippines Issues Amendments to Mandatory Product Certification Schemes

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) issued a Department Administrative Order (DAO) 18-03 that adds 27 products to the list of products and systems under mandatory certification.

The list of products and systems under mandatory certification itself can be found at Memorandum Circular 18-11.

According to the Circular 18-11, the list products can be classified into three groups as follows:

  • Electrical and electronic products

  • Mechanical/Building and construction materials

  • Chemicals and other consumer products and systems

The certification of the products that were included to the list on the base of DAO 18-03 will become mandatory from August 25, 2019 and includes the following electrical products with the rated voltage up to 250 V a.c.:

  1. a.c. and a.c./d.c. electric fans (also with rated power up to 300 W)

  2. Electric dry irons and steam irons for household and similar purposes

  3. Portable electric blenders

  4. Portable microwave ovens

  5. Electric rice cookers/warmers up to 7 liters capacity

  6. Electric airpots

  7. Electric coffee makers

  8. CRT and LCD panels (with CCFL or LED backlight) with display size up to 55 inches

  9. Stand-alone CD/VCD/DVD/Blu-ray disc players

  10. Electric toasters with rated voltage

  11. Electric stoves

  12. Electric hot plates

  13. Electric grills

  14. Electric ovens

  15. Turbo broilers

  16. Induction cookers

  17. Single-tub and twin-tub, semi-automatic and fully- automatic controlled washing machines with horizontal or vertical drum orientation

  18. Spin extractors

  19. Storage capacity up to 567 liters (20 cu. ft.)

  20. Electric juicers

  21. Electric food mixers

  22. Electric food processors

  23. Electric kettles

  24. Electric pressure cookers

  25. Electric slow cookers

  26. Electric multi-cookers

  27. Inverter, air conditioners, with rated power up to 250 V for single phase and 600 V for all other types and with cooling capacity up to 38,000 kJ/hr.

It is also necessary to mention that self-ballasted LED lamps that are in the List can be sold in Philippines without Import Commodity Clearance (lCC) stickers or the Philippine Standard (PS) certification mark until August 14, 2019 in case when they have been imported to the market of Philippines up to August 25, 2018.

The information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

GMA Consult Group provides a full cycle of international type approval and global market access services for IT, Telecom and industrial electrical products in all countries throughout the world. With proven expertise in worldwide regulations, compliance, certification, and conformity assessment, GMA Consult Group can help your company speed up the access to any market with almost zero efforts from your side.

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GMA Consult Group provides a full cycle of international type approval and global market access services for the IT, telecom and industrial electrical products in all countries throughout the world. 

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