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Guide to RETIQ—Technical Regulations for Energy Efficiency Labeling in Colombia

Colombian Ministry of Mines and Energy (MINMINAS) establishes Technical Regulations for Labeling End-Use Electrical and Fuel Gas Equipment (RETIQ), which includes plans, regulations, norms, and guidelines for the energy sector of Colombia. The document is published in the Diario Oficial of Colombia (Official Gazette).

Superintendency of Industry and Commerce (SIC)—a subdivision of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism—acts as a regulatory body and is responsible for monitoring the compliance with RETIQ. SIC is involved in issuing registration or importing licenses for importers of products considered in the scope of RETIQ.

Before putting products into the market of Colombia, the importers need to:

  • prove the compliance with RETIQ through obtaining a Certificate of conformity or, in permitted cases, issuing Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity and labeling of product

  • register a product in the Registry of Manufacturers and Importers of Products or provide a license to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism through the one-stop foreign trade window ("VUCE") for the imported products that are subject to technical regulation and require only a certificate of conformity

  • report to the surveillance authority: a name of a manufacturer or an importer and its legal representative or agent, which is Colombian resident, and an address for notifications, as well as any additional information determined by the regulators of the product

In 2015, The Ministry of Mines and Energy issued Resolution №41012 establishing the Technical Regulation of Energy Labelling—RETIQ. It aims to set up measures for encouraging efficient use of energy in products working on Electrical Energy and Fuel Gas through establishment and compulsory use of labels to report on the performance of equipment in terms of energy consumption and energy efficiency ratings.

The product categories which fall under the scope of RETIQ approval are:

  • Air conditioners

  • Refrigerators and freezers for domestic and commercial use

  • Ballasts for fluorescent lighting

  • Electrical motors both single-phase and three-phase, and generators, except generating sets

  • Washing machines

  • Water heaters

  • Gas cooking appliances

It should be consider that:

Resolution №40947 as of 03.10.2016 suspended mandatory labeling (until an authoritative body will issue new conditions of labeling and/or testing) for portable air conditioners and electric ballasts.

Starting from October 1, 2018, Resolution №40298 as of 28.03.2018 also extends the suspension of mandatory labeling for following equipment:

  • multi split air-conditioners

  • motors 3 phase and monophase types, also known as the “Lapicero” type

  • air conditioning units

  • electric water heaters

  • gas water heaters

  • gas cooking appliances

The Certificate of Conformity can be issued by one of the following agencies:

  • ONAC (National Accreditation Body of Colombia)

  • certification body authorized by an accreditation agency of the country of origin of the the equipment. The accreditation body should be recognized in the framework of the agreements of multilateral recognition, etc. Certification bodies shall register all the certificates of conformity in the Information System of Certificates of Conformity (SICERCO).

Applicable certification schemes in Colombia are based on the requirements of NTC/ISO/IEC 17065 and NTC/ISO/IEC 17067. The regulation establishes three systems for evaluating the conformity of products:

  • 1b RETIQ (Batch)

  • System 4 RETIQ with the completion of surveillance audit

  • System 5 RETIQ (Seal product) with the completion of surveillance audit

The organization, which is responsible for monitoring and maintaining the accreditation of conformity assessment entities in Colombia, is ONAC. It belongs to SIC.

Verification of the conformity should be performed according to the product type by tests. Tests are held in the laboratories accredited by ONAC. If there is no accredited laboratory for tests required by RETIQ in Colombia, these tests may be carried out in laboratories previously evaluated by the certification body in accordance with the standard NTC/IEC/ISO 17025:2005 “General Requirements for the competence of testing laboratories and calibration”. The certification body may only use these laboratories until the first laboratory for carrying out the required tests is established in Colombia.

The Declaration of Conformity is applicable only in the following cases:

• Batch of products imported with less than 50 units of the same model, during the same year

• Imported equipment, sold directly by a manufacturer to a consumer or end-user, in-unit quantity on order, if sales are not equal or greater than 50 units of the same model during the same year

• Goods are allowed to be imported temporary or transiently according to the established regulation

• Products are inported in conjunction with the release of new models. In this case a new certificate for the products should be obtained within not more than one year or the products should be included in the existing certificate issued to the same manufacturer according to the procedures of a certification body.

In the process of nationalizing, label or its sample should be available either in physical copy or in the electronic format. The label information should be written in Spanish. Any additional languages are allowed on packaging.

The information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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