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Results of inspections of accredited certification bodies, laboratories, and organizations in Russia

The Russian Accreditation Authority (Federal Service for Accreditation—RusAccreditation) has inspected the activities of Russian certification bodies, organizations and testing laboratories for possible violations.

During June-July 2018, RusAccreditation conducted 135 inspections.

The inspections were made to:

  • Eliminate non-compliance with accreditation criteria

  • Assess the implementation of previously issued injunctions

  • Reveal possible violations by accredited individuals

As a result of the inspection of certification authorities:

  • 35 accreditation authorities received temporary injunctions in order to fix violations

  • 32 accreditation authorities were suspended (including 10 certification bodies, 14 test laboratories, and 7 organizations)

  • 75 judicial acts were issued to the violators

  • Total amount of administrative fines collected for the Federal Service for Accreditation in the first half of 2018 was 328,093,000 RUB (4,800,000 USD)

  • 17 accreditation organizations were terminated

The following six accreditation bodies were closed due to inobservance of earlier issued injunctions:

Testing laboratories

«Taganrog Center for Occupational Safety and Health» LLC – RA.RU.21АЩ02

«Center for Examination of Labor and Preventive Medicine» – RA.RU.21АО51

«Non-profit organization Interindustry Fund "Support of technical initiatives of car owners» – РОСС RU.0001.21МТ93

«Center for Testing Automotive and Tractor Engineering» LLC – RA.RU.21ТС11

Certification bodies

«Test Center» LLC – RA.RU.11ГШ02

«Profy-Group» LLC– RA.RU.11КО01

The following accreditation organization was terminated in connection with two or more facts of violaton of the requirements of the legislation during the year:

«VELES» – РОСС RU.0001.11СГ43

Ten accreditation bodies were closed due the non-elimination of inconsistencies in the accreditation criteria revealed during the procedure for the confirmation of competence.

The most common violations made by certification bodies are:

  • Absence at the place of activity approved within the accreditation field:


«Certification and industrial safety» LLC – РОСС RU.0001.11АУ05

  • Performing conformity assessment of products outside the place of the activity:



  • Non-compliance with the requirements of the documents establishing requirements for conformity assessment of products (EAEU TR 010/2011, EAEU TR 004/2011 and EAEU TR 020/2011):

«Certification and industrial safety» LLC – РОСС RU.0001.11АУ05


  • Violation of certification rules regarding issuing a certificate of conformity to an applicant who is not an authorized representative of a manufacturer:

"Certification of machinery and equipment" LLC - RA.RU.10АД75

  • Non-observance of the requirements of the quality management system in the activity of the certification body in terms of maintaining the archive at the place where the certification body acts, lack of properly executed certification documents:


The most common violations made by testing laboratories are:

  • Partial absence at the place of the activity of testing equipment, measuring instruments for testing in accordance with the approved accreditation field:

"Orgtekhstrom" LLC - RA.RU.21АМ72

  • Partial absence at the place of activity of testing equipment, measuring instruments for testing in accordance with the approved accreditation field; lack of the employee's professional knowledge necessary to perform research (tests) and measurements in the field of accreditation; non-compliance with the quality management system, including the absence of an archive at the address of the place of activity:

“TransConsulting”LCC - RA.RU.21ЩИ01

  • Testing outside the field of accreditation and signing protocols by a person, that has experience in research (testing) less than three years:

«BetonGroupStroj» LLC - RA.RU.21АП49

«Orgtekhstrom» LLC - RA.RU.21АМ72

RusAccreditation together with the Russian supervision authorities will continue to conduct serious work to prevent the flow and circulation of potentially hazardous products into the Russian market along with the elimination of dishonest participants.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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