Electrical and R&TT Equipment Market Access in Venezuela

September 18, 2018


In general, the applicable regulatory framework in Venezuela for electrical and electronic products is based on the following regulations:


Energy Efficiency Approval:


  • Law on Rational and Efficient Use of Energy, published in official gazette №39.823 as of 19.12.2011

  • Resolution №044 as of 11.05.1998 “Register for Domestic and Imported Products Subject to COVENIN Mandatory Standards”.


Telecommunication Approval:


  • Organic Law of Telecommunications, published in Official Gazette № 39.610 of 07.02.2011.


Energy Efficiency Approval:


Venezuela’s national standard system historically consisted of COVENIN (Comisión Venezolana de Normas Industriales, or Venezuelan Commission for Industrial Standards) which were adopted by FODENORCA (Fondo de Desarrollo para la Normalización, Calidad, Certificación y Metrología or Development Fund for Standardization, Quality, Certification, and Metrology till 2009 - FONDONORMA) and SENCAMER (Servicio Autonomo Nacional de Normalizacion, Calidad, Metrologia y Reglamentos Tecnicos or The National Autonomous Service of Standardization, Quality, Metrology and Technical Regulations).


Decree №3145 as of 31.12.1998 established the Standardization, Technical Regulations, Quality, and Metrology System. The system is managed by SENCAMER. It is responsible for the supervision and control of accreditation, inspection and testing of laboratories by COVENIN. 


As an independent standard and certification organization, FONDONORMA runs certification programs and development of COVENIN standards. In 2009, FODENORCA was created and took over the functions of FONDONORMA.


Venezuela’s new laws, resolutions, decrees, and other official data are published in the Official Gazette. Gazette does not publish new technical regulations. The full content of a new technical regulation or a standard must be obtained directly from the government agency that created it (from FODENORCA or SENCAMER).


The Government of Venezuela (together with other entities involved) may mandate compliance of product to some standards by publishing their titles in the Official Gazette. Those products must comply with mandatory standards before customs clearance and entrance to the market of Venezuela. The list is maintained and updated by FODENORCA.


Implementation rules are given in the Resolution №044 as of 11.05.1998 “Register for Domestic and Imported Products Subject to COVENIN Mandatory Standards”and creates the Registry of national and imported products.



  • Rational and Efficient Use of Energy Law of 2011

  • Resolution №044 as of 11.05.1998 “Register for Domestic and Imported Products Subject to COVENIN Mandatory Standards” requires imported and domestic products covered by mandatory Venezuela COVENIN standards or technical regulations to be registered with SENCAMER. 

Product labeling is regulated through resolutions issued by the responsible Ministry.  Labeling regulations vary by the product.

  • Resolution №054-071 as of 2012 and Resolution №156-001-108 as of 03.11.2009 approving Technical Regulations on Energy Efficiency Labelling of Air Conditioners

  • Resolution №031-089 as of 2013 approving Technical Regulations for Energy Efficiency Labelling of Household Refrigerators and Freezers

  • Resolutions №73 as of 2011 and №19-126 as of 2014 approving Technical Regulations for Energy Efficiency Labelling of Fluorescent Lamps

  • Resolution №112 of 2014 approving Technical Regulations for Energy Efficiency Labelling of luminaires with LED Technology

  • Resolutions №73 as of 2011 and №47-127-002 as of 2014 approving Technical Regulations for Energy Efficiency Labelling of Incandescent lamps of conventional type.


Telecom Approval:


CONATEL (National Telecommunications Commission) is the telecommunications regulating agency in Venezuela which is responsible for verifying compliance of a product with applicable regulations.


Products subject to CONATEL approval are all telecommunications equipment in accordance with Resolution №736 and equipment not intended for telecommunication services, but which by their nature may cause interference:

  • modems

  • telephone service, fixed or mobile

  • terminals transceivers

  • equipment for television broadcasting

  • equipment for sound broadcasting

  • equipment for earth station

  • power amplifiers for RF

  • transceivers and transmitters

  • switching stations

  • equipment for data networks

  • multiplexers

  • line-optic terminal equipment


All products require CONATEL approval and registration before they can imported to the country.


Telecommunications equipment that comply with the established requirements must be included in “the approved list of brands and models”, which is regularly updated on the official portal of CONATEL and published annually in the Official Gazette of Venezuela. A manufacturer or importer interested in selling telecommunications equipment, which have been homologated or certified by foregoing agencies, shall write application to CONATEL in order to be included in the list.


Conclusion: Electrical and R&TTE products can be put to the market of Venezuela if they comply with all the applicable Telecom and Energy Efficiency Technical Regulation requirements.


The information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.


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