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Requirements for Venezuelan NORVEN Conformity Mark

The voluntary mark NORVEN is the official seal of quality in Venezuela. It shows product compliance with technical requirements laid down in COVENIN standards.

Main regulations for certification procedures:

  • Decree №1195 of 10.01.1973: Technical Standardization and Quality Control: Establishment of the NORVEN Seal

  • Law of the Quality System of Venezuela of 2002

  • COVENIN 2794-2:1996 (ISO/IEC Guide 65:1996). General Requirements for Certification Bodies Operating Within Product Certification Systems

Goals of the NORVEN seal

  • Evaluation of the quality management system of a company or an organisation and its ability to provide products that meet specified requirements

  • Testing, inspection, verification or comparison of product conformity with the criteria of the scheme and requirements specified in the technical standard for the product.

  • Implementation of a surveillance program (such as monitoring audits or renewal) to ensure the continuous conformity of the product with the requirements specified in the technical standard for the product. Control of the conformity mark (NORVEN) and the FODENORCA logo.

​The Government of Venezuela can evaluate the quality of products that are manufactured, imported or sold within the country with the purpose of checking their compliance with the requirements of technical regulations and SENCAMER as the agency coordinator of the process of development of national standards of quality for products, processes, and services

FODENORCA is the National Standardization Body. It is accredited by SENCAMER for issuing the NORVEN seal.

Manufacturers of products may submit a written request to FODENORCA for the use of the NORVEN seal. Once application is received, the FODENORCA will assess its preliminary submitted information by the company, and this company will be subsequently audited for quality control. The product is also verified through tests carried out in qualified laboratories to prove they meet the requirements set out in applicable rules.

Protection of the NORVEN seal

In case the authorization for the use of the NORVEN seal is suspended or cancelled, the certification body shall carry out all necessary checks both in factory and trade, to ensure the seal was not misused.

The information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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