EAC Mark: Rules of Application

July 3, 2018


EAC Mark is used to indicate that the marked products have passed all the approval procedures established in the EAEU Technical Regulations and comply with all EAEU Technical Regulations requirements applicable to these products.


The rules of EAC mark application are established in the “Provision on the Unified Mark of product circulation on EAEU market”, which was approved by the EEC Decision No711 dd. July 15, 2011.


The visual representation of the EAC Mark contains three letters (“E”, “A”, and “C”), which are graphically executed with right angles. The EAC Mark must have the same length and width. The visual representation of the EAC Mark on the scale grid is shown below: 


The size of the EAC Mark is determined by a manufacturer (supplier),  but it must be not less than 5 mm.


Manufacturers (importers) can use the EAC Mark if the products have been approved according to relevant EAEU Technical Regulations and approval documents are available.


The EAC Mark is applied to every product, its packaging or technical documentation. Instructions on the placement of the EAC Mark are given in EAEU Technical Regulations that are applicable to the product.


Conclusion: All the products that completed the conformity assessment procedure according to EAEU Technical Regulations must contain the EAC Mark.



Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.


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