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Changes to the Procedure of Registration of Radio Equipment in Ukraine

Starting from June 26, 2018, changes to the procedure of registration of radio equipment in the territory of Ukraine came into force. These changes have been approved in Decision #188 of National Commission for the State Regulation of Communication and Informatisation (NCCIR).

The following changes were adopted:

  • Only Ukrainian local companies can apply for being included in the NCCIR Register.

  • NCCIR tightened the requirements for the set of documents needed for RED product registration

  • In case a local company applies for being included in the NCCIR Register on behalf of a foreign manufacturer on basis of PoA or Local Representative agreement from the manufacturer, the PoA/Agreement must be signed by an authorized manufacturer's representative (CEO/GM). The rights to sign such documents on behalf of a manufacturer must be confirmed as well.

The following types of radio equipment must be included in NCCIR Register:

1. Radio equipment of the radiodetermination service (location, speed and/or other characteristics of an object or obtaining information about such parameters using radio propagation properties), except for GNSS satellites (for example, GPS receiver equipment)

2. Multi-radio equipment (combined equipment consisting of two or more transceivers, transmitters, and receivers that can simultaneously work at 2 or more frequencies (radio frequency channels) using various types of communication standards with transmitter power >100 mW (for example, multi-standard base stations, wireless access points, VHF radio stations, radio telephones, radio terminals, etc.)

3. Radio stations of direct analog and/or digital VHF communication type PMR446 (frequency range 446-446.2 MHz).

4. Radio equipment for a digital wireless access system of the DECT standard and its modifications, including telephone sets for wire communication with a cordless handset.

5. The stations (terminals) for satellite communications including those intended for the use in a car or other facility except radio telephones of radio-mobile communication systems such as Globalstar, Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya that can not simultaneously operate under a mobile communication network standard GSM, CDMA, UMTS or LTE.

6. Wireless chargers with generator power > 5W that operate at frequencies other than those indicated in the note V016 of the National Table of Distribution of Radio Frequency Bands of Ukraine approved by the Decree №1208 of the Cabinet of Ministers dated by December 15, 2005, as well as wireless chargers for recharging vehicles with an electric motor.

7. Radio equipment for remote radio control (piloting) by unmanned aircraft and/or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) as well as radio equipment for data exchange between air and ground devices except aviation equipment specified in subparagraph 3 of paragraph 2 of the Radio Regulations approved by the Resolution №355 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated by May 24, 2017 (hereinafter - Technical Regulations of Radio Equipment).

8. Sets of models of reduced size ("on a scale"), toys in the form of animals or other creatures, toys and models with an integrated engine, containing transceivers, transmitters, and receivers (radio-controlled toys) with a transmitter power >5 mW 7 dBm.

9. Transmitters of television and radio broadcasting with a radiation power >50W.

10. Specific types of radio electronic facilities and radiating devices, the conformity assessment of which is carried out without using generalized conditions for the use of radio electronic means and radiating devices. These types are published on the official website of the NCCIR in accordance with the Clause 2.6 of the Section II of the Regulation on the procedure and form of maintaining a register of radio electronic facilities and radiating devices that can be used on the territory of Ukraine on radio band frequencies of common use.

11. Specific types of radio electronic facilities and radiating devices, which, according to the analysis and assessment of the risk (risk) producer, did not achieve the appropriate level of compliance with additional requirements for commissioning and/or use of radio equipment as defined in the Radio Frequency Resource Usage Plan of Ukraine approved by the Cabinet of Ministers Ukraine on June 9, 2006 No. 815, and / or an importer attributing a particular type of radio equipment to products that have a high degree of risk.

12. A group of radio electronic means, damage or improper functioning of which threatens the safety of people and/or the environment.

13. The group of radio-electronic means that are a technical means of telecommunications (for provision of telecommunication services) and are intended for installation on a board of an air or sea vessel (for example, satellite earth stations, cellular base stations, wireless access points).

14. Points of wireless access that are technical means of telecommunications (for provision of telecommunications services) with a working frequency range of 5470-5725 MHz and designed for outdoor installation (so-called outdoor).


The procedure of including of RED products to the NCCIR Register is applicable to certain types of radio equipment with specific requirements to the applicant and authorized manufacturers representative.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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