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CRAN Excludes a Number of Devices from Obligatory Type Approval in Namibia

On May 8, 2018, Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) specified the equipment which is subject to obligatory Type Approval. The information was published in the Government Gazette No 6588.

According to the publication, only communications or networking equipment which is connected to public network services or wide area network services (including telecommunications terminal equipment, information technology equipment, radio communication equipment, and electronic communications network equipment) is subject to Type Approval in Namibia.

Since May 8, 2018, Type Approval is not required for the devices listed in the Schedule 1 of the Gazette.


  • Vehicles components and systems (embedded in the vehicle): remote car keys (Immobilizer), car parking sensor/systems, car radio with or without Bluetooth

  • Gate/garage remote control equipment

  • Smart watches with Bluetooth only (without Wi-Fi, SIM or tracking features)

  • Speakers with Bluetooth

  • Alarms and movement detectors: low-power alarms and movement detector terminals

  • Audio devices: ordless audio devices, including wireless microphones

Broadcast receivers: Receiving equipment only, e.g. FM/AM radio both analogue and digital

Broadcast Transmitters: FM/AM transmitting equipment (both analogue and digital).

Conclusion: Strating from the May 8, 2018, only communications or networking equipment which interacts with public network services or wide area network services requires Type Approval in Namibia.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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