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Guidelines to Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union 004/2011 on Safety of Low-Voltage

EAEU Technical Regulations 004/2011 «On Safety of Low-Voltage Equipment» (EAEU TR 004/2011) are applicable to the low-voltage devices designed for the use with a voltage rating of 50-1000 VAC and 75-1500 VDC

The following products are not in the scope of this Technical Regulations:

  • Electrical equipment intended for use in the explosive environment;

  • Medical products;

  • Electrical equipment for lifts and cargo lifts (excluding electrical machines);

  • Electrical equipment for the defense purposes;

  • Fence controlling devices;

  • Electrical equipment intended for the use by air, water, ground, and underground transport;

  • Electrical equipment for reactor safety systems at nuclear power stations.

According to the EAEU TR 004/2011, there are two applicable forms of conformity compliance:

  • EAEU Certificate of Conformity (EAEU CoC)

  • EAEU Declaration of Conformity (EAEU DoC)

The following products are subject to mandatory Certification:

  • Electrical household appliances and devices.

  • Personal electronic computer machines (personal computers).

  • Technical products to be connected to personal electronic computer machines:

  • Electrified tools (electrical hand-tools and portable tools).

  • Electronic musical instruments.

  • Cables, wires, and cords;

  • Automatic switches and protective cutout devices;

  • Electrical power distribution apparatuses;

  • Electrical apparatuses for controlling electro-technical assemblies.

Low-voltage equipment that is not included in the list for mandatory Certification as subject to Declaration.

Applicability of a product to one or another document of conformity is considered according to the HS code and name of a product.

The main difference between EAEU CoC and EAEU DoC is that the certification must be conducted involving a third party (a certification body and a EAEU system accredited laboratory). The EAEU DoC is issued based on the evidence with no need for third-party involvement.

Both EAEU CoC and EAEU DoC are mandatory documents and allow to distribute products on the territory of the EAEU members. The EAC mark is applicable for both EAEU CoC and EAEU DoC and has the same power.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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