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Qi Certification for Wireless Charging Products in Europe

The wireless charging technology is becoming increasingly popular in the mobile device sector allowing users to get rid of power cords and providing the ability to send power and even data across multiple interfaces. In addition, wireless charging is expected to increase convenience and decrease waste of energy by enabling multiple devices to use a single charger. Removing cords and connectors leads to improved safety, size, and reliability as well as a better user experience.

Standards organizations, such as the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and AirFuel Alliance, are two competing technologies aimed at development and promotion of international standards for wireless charging that are gradually being introduced in the smartphone and infrastructure markets in Europe. WPC has created and is maintaining Qi (pronounced “chee”), the global standard for compatible wireless charging.

The Radio Equipment Directive (RED) defines wireless chargers as radio devices with the wireless charging function and establishes clear standards for its regulatory approval:

ETSI EN 303 417 (Radio)

This standard, in its current version, provides a very detailed description of tests for WPT devices in terms of the effective use of the spectrum. The type of tests to be performed depends on the device (transmitter or receiver).

Transmitter (charger)

  • Permitted range of operating frequencies

  • Operating frequency range

  • H-field requirements

  • WPT system unwanted emissions (radiated/conducted)


  • Radiated Emissions

  • Blocking

EN 301 489-1 & -3 (EMC)

These standards cover requirements to ensure that EMC phenomena are taken into account accordingly. The scope of the test can roughly be divided into two parts:

  • Interference Emission (which disturbances come from the device and how they can affect other devices)

  • Interference Immunity (how immune is the device against disturbances, which emanate from other devices)

In addition, compliance with the requirements for electrical safety based on the standards EN 62311, EN 60950-1 or EN 62368 is needed, as well as the regulatory approval of the actual device with regard to the technologies used (Bluetooth, WLAN, USB, NFC or mobile).

To get Qi certification, products should pass a rigorous series of tests related to safety, interoperability, and usability. The WPC tests specific properties, each of which can involve multiple test procedures:

• Transmitters (Qi wireless chargers)—17 properties tested

• Receivers (Qi enabled smartphones or cases/covers)—10 properties tested

These tests verify the product contains all mandatory safety features as well as features that are necessary to ensure compliance with the Qi standard, energy efficiency, and interoperability of wireless power transmitters and power receivers.

Only the products that have passed these tests can use the Qi logo and are considered “Qi certified.”


  1. The Qi standard guarantees that any device carrying the Qi logo will work with any charging surface that carries the Qi logo regardless of a manufacturer or a brand.

  2. Qi certification does not free a manufacturer from mandtory regulatory approval

  3. As the Qi standard gains popularity, it is expected that Qi Hotspots will begin to appear in places such as coffee shops, airports, sports arenas, etc.

The information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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GMA Consult Group provides a full cycle of international type approval and global market access services for the IT, telecom and industrial electrical products in all countries throughout the world. 

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