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Guide to Technical Regulations for Radio Electronic Devices in Ukraine (Part 2)

As we mentioned in our previous post, new technical regulations for radio electronic devices came in force in Ukraine on April 1, 2018. These TRs are subject to the Decision № 355 “On approval of the Technical Regulations for Radio Equipment” (UA RED TR) applied by The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 24.05.2017. The Ukrainian TRs for radio devices are identical to the Directive 2014/53/EU of the European Parliament and European Council dated April 16, 2014.

Conformity assessment procedure

The Declaration of Conformity should be issued to the manufacturer (or his authorized representative) and the UA TR conformity mark should be placed to confirm the compliance with the Ukrainian Technical Regulations.

The NCCIR confirms the assessment of the standards and compliance with the requirements for frequencies and power.

The conformity assessment procedure is carried out through examination of technical documentation.

The minimum set of technical documentation should contain the following elements:

1. general description of radio equipment, in particular:

- photographs or illustrations showing the appearance, marking and internal photo;

- version of a software or hardware that may affect compliance with essential requirements;

- information for users and operating instructions;

2. design, in particular, technological drawings and component diagrams, node assemblies, electrical circuits, and other similar information (BOM);

3. technical description and explanations for understanding drawings and diagrams and the use of radio equipment;

4. list of standards;

5. copy of the declaration of conformity;

6. copy of EU-Type Examination (Module B) Certificate;

7. results of project calculations, inspections, and other similar information (ISO9001, CIG023, etc.);

8. test reports (EMC, EMF, SAR, LVD, RF, RoHS);

9. explanations in accordance with the requirements of the paragraph №20 of the Technical Regulations and explanations for guidance or absence of information on the packaging in accordance with the paragraph №28 of the Technical Regulations;

10. risk assessment under RED;

All the technical documentation must be provided in Ukrainian. According to the agreement between the NCCIR and a manufacturer, the technical documentation can be provided in a language of the technical documentation.

It is mandatory to keep technical documentation on the territory of Ukraine and provide it to market surveillance authorities upon request.

Requirements for a label and a manual

Manufacturers must ensure that the radio equipment is provided with instructions and safety information in Ukrainian.

Instructions should include the following information:

  • information on the purpose of the radio equipment;

  • description of components and accessories, including software, which enables the proper use of the radio equipment;

An instruction for radio equipment (only for transmitters) must additionally contain:

  • frequency band(s), on which the radio equipment operates;

  • maximum radio-frequency power transmitted to the frequency band(s), on which the radio equipment is operates;

These instructions, safety instructions, as well as any labeling must be clear, understandable, and legible.

According the Article 15 of the "Law on Consumer Protection” № 1023-XII", labels must contain the following information in the Ukrainian language:

  • name of the product;

  • the main characteristics such as volume, weight, etc.;

  • rules and conditions for effective and safe use of the product;

  • country of origin and name of a manufacturer (may be written with Latin letters);

  • information about hazardous substances contained in the product;

  • date of manufacturing of the product;

  • storage conditions;

  • guarantee from a manufacturer (if any);

  • usage and safety instructions (if any);

  • expiration date, shelf-life period, instructions for disposal after expiration, and warnings about the consequences if the product is mishandled;

  • name of a manufacturer, authorized importer or trader to be addressed for complaints, reclamation or after-sale service;

  • conformity assessment symbol;


Radio equipment that is put into the market before April 1th, 2018 must comply with the requirements of the Technical Regulations for radio equipment and telecommunication terminal (terminal) equipment, Technical Regulations for electromagnetic compatibility of equipment and Technical Regulations for low-voltage electrical equipment.

After April 1, 2019, radio electronic products distributed to the Ukrainian market are subject to mandatory compliance with the Technical Regulations for Radio Equipment. Conformity assessment is proved by the DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY. This declaration must be registered with the National Commission for the State Regulation of Communication and Informatisation (NCCIR). Only Ukrainian residents (or an authorized representative of a foreign manufacturer in Ukraine) can apply for the RED declaration.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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