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Saudi Arabia: Energy Efficiency Standards for Electrical Appliances in SASO

On March 1, 2018, the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organisation (SASO) reviewed its most important requirements of the new Saudi standards for a number of electrical appliances (air conditioners, washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, and water heaters).

The reviewed standards includes:

  • SASO 2892 for refrigerators and freezers - requirements of energy performance labels and tests;

  • SASO 2885 for washing machines - requirements of energy performance, water consumption, and labeling;

  • SASO 2663 requirements of energy performance, labels and tests for small-capacity window and portable air conditioners;

  • SASO 2883 for electric clothes dryers – requirements of energy performance and labels;

  • SASO 2884 for water heaters - requirements of energy performance and labels for all types of heaters.

The mandatory requirements of the standards is applicable for domestic manufacturers and new products entering the country and will come in force on October 1, 2018.

The market surveillance of products covered by these standards will start from September 1, 2019.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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