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Results of the inspections of the accredited certification bodies, laboratories and organizations in

Russian Accreditation Authority (Federal Service for accreditations “RosAccreditation”) has done inspection works on identifying violations in the activities of Russian certification bodies, organizations and testing laboratories.

In the period of January-February 2018 RosAccreditation conducted 281 inspections.

The inspections were made to:

  • Eliminate non-compliance with accreditation criteria;

  • Assess the implementation of previously issued injunctions;

  • Reveal possible violations by accredited individuals.

Based on the results of the supervision authorities activities, violations have been revealed and:

  • 32 accreditations received injunctions in order to сorrect violations;

  • 33 accreditations has been suspended among them 7 certification bodies, 19 test laboratories and 5 organizations.

  • 29 judicial acts were issued to bring the perpetrators to administrative liability;

  • 14 accreditations of organizations were terminated:

Four of which in connection with non-fulfillment of the earlier issued injunctions and ten with non-elimination of inconsistencies in the accreditation criteria revealed during the procedure for the confirmation of competence:

Certification bodies

LLC «SertCentre» – RA.RU.10АД44;

АНО «Euro-Test» – RA.RU.11АЕ61;

«SAMT-Fond» – РОСС RU.0001.10МТ22.

Testing laboratories

«SAMT-Fond» - РОСС RU.0001.21МТ05.

Organisation, accredited in the field of ensuring unity of measurements

LLC «Energy-Service» – RA.RU.312128.

RosAccreditation together with the Russian supervision authorities will continue to conduct serious work to prevent the flow of potentially hazardous products into the Russian market circulation along with the elimination of dishonest participants.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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