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South Africa: Release of SANS 2332:2017

The SANS 2332:2017 (ED. 1.00) “Electromagnetic compatibility of multimedia equipment - Emission requirements” has been published. The standard applies to multimedia equipment (MME) and having a rated r.m.s. AC or DC supply voltage not exceeding 600 V. SANS 2332: 2017 is an identical implementation of CISPR 32:2015.

Via a SABS authorised laboratory, manufacturers can now obtain SANS 2332:2017 test reports for any device falling under the SABS approval scope.

SANS 213:2011 and SANS 222:2009 are still valid. Acceptance of SANS 222 and 213 test reports by SABS will run concurrently with that of SANS 2332.

Conclusion: SANS 2332:2017 test reports are legally accepted by SABS for the purposes of EMC approval on an equal basis with SANS 213 and SANS 222 test reports.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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