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Armenian Market Access R&TTE Products

Armenia is a member of the EAEU. However, apart from the EAEU technical regulations there is a national conformity assessment system for R&TT products operating on the territory of Armenia.

Conformity assessment procedure is based on the Decision №2228 on the technical regulations for Radio and Telecommunications devices.

The following R&TT products are in scope of the national Technical Regulations for Radio and Telecommunications devices of Armenia:

  • fax units

  • digital computing machines with a mass not exceeding 10 kg and consisting a central processing unit, a keyboard, and a display

  • other computers

  • wireless handset, cell phones, etc.

  • other phone equipment

  • base stations

  • machines for receiving, converting, and transmitting or restoring voice, images or other data, including switching devices and routers

  • portable receivers for receiving call signals or messages and other devices

  • telephone answering systems

  • transmission apparatus as well as receiver-transmitter equipment

  • radio remote control equipment

  • analog and digital reading systems and other equipment

According to the technical regulations, the above mentioned R&TT products require mandatory conformity assessment procedure in the form of certification.

The technical regulation for Radio and Telecommunications devices does not apply to:

  • not mass-produced R&TT equipment that was created (modified) and is used by radio-amateurs

  • antennas that are designed to receive sound and television programs

  • air traffic control equipment and systems designed for this purpose

  • equipment provided for the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Armenia, the Police of the Republic of Armenia, National Security Service under the Government of the Republic of Armenia in order to ensure national security, protection state, and the protection of public order

Conclusion: To get access to the market of Armenia, R&TT products that are in the scope of Technical Regulation for Radio and Telecommunications devices must be approved against national R&TT requirements of Armenia and EAEU Technical Regulation requirements.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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