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Requirements for the ECAS Mark of Conformity

Starting from the end of February 2018, the mandatory labeling of the ECAS Mark of Conformity will come into the force according to the ESMA Board of Directors Decision #78.

Changes are applicable to the rules and conditions of marking within the UAE Product Certification Scheme, which was approved by The Emirates Authority For Standardization & Metrology on January 28, 2018, CAPOL-07 "Usage Policy for ECAS Mark (ECAS Mark of Conformity)."

This document establishes the use of the ECAS Mark of Conformity (the ECAS Mark) by the companies manufacturing certified products.

The following designs of the ECAS Mark are determined:

The Mark must have the same color as provided by ESMA and must be printed on the product, which is in contrast with the Mark for proper visibility/readability. The mark must be non-removable or indelible. A single color is allowed for secondary packaging but limited to black (with a white background) or white (with a black background) only.

The size of the mark must be not less than 3cm x 1.5cm. It must be clearly visible and readable. In case of size variations (decreasing or increasing), the size must always correlate with the proportions of the Mark (1:2) as shown on the photo above.

The ECAS Mark of Conformity must be evident and placed at the front side of the product or in the bottom left corner away from any other mark.

The digital version of the ECAS Mark of Conformity will be sent to companies right after signing the License to use the ECAS Mark of Conformity.

The ECAS Mark of Conformity must be used for every piece of the product.

The ECAS Mark of Conformity is to be used in the following cases (subject to ESMA approval):

- on the main display panel of a certified products;

- on a secondary or tertiary packaging, which is directly visible to a buyer during display;

- on display areas where a product is displayed for sale/marketing/promotion (for small items);

- on product manuals/brochures;

- any other ESMA approved areas of usage upon official confirmation/approval of ESMA;

ESMA will implement market monitoring to ensure appropriate use of the ECAS Mark of Conformity.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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