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South Africa: rules of ICASA logo application

All the equipment to be used in connection with the provision of electronic communications, unless explicitly exempted, is subject to Type Approval in South Africa. All type approved equipment must comply with the SA National Labelling Regulations, 2013 and be labeled with ICASA logo.

Marking of products with the ICASA logo indicates its compliance with the basic requirements established by the ICASA.

Graphic symbol of the ICASA logo is shown on Picture 1.

Picture 1. Graphic symbol of the ICASA logo

ICASA logo requirements

1. The minimum size of the ICASA logo shall be 3mm high and 3mm wide and the issued certificate number shall be 1mm high.

2. The label shall bear the following information:

(a) ICASA logo;

(b) The ICASA issued certificate number(s).

3. The ICASA issued certificate number(s) referred to in 2(b) shall comply with the following format: TA XXXX-YYYY, where:

(a) TA stands for Type Approval;

(b) XXXX is the year in which Type Approval certificate was issued;

(c) YYYY is the sequential numbers issued by the Authority.

4. The height to width ratio of the overall ICASA label must be 1:2, eg. 10x20mm.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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