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New rules of marking with the Technical Regulations in Ukraine

The Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers has adopted the Resolution No. 1027 dated December 20th, 2017 “On making amendment to clause 3 of the rules and terms of marking the compliance with the Technical Regulations” which came in force in Ukraine starting from January 4th, 2018.

Changes are made to the rules and conditions for marking the conformity with the technical regulations described in the Decree No. 1184 dated December 30th, 2015 "On approval of the form, description of the mark of conformity with technical regulations, rules and conditions for its application" and approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Ukraine.

The marking must be made indeed in the format: UA.TR.YYY, where YYY is the unique number of the engaged NCB.

UA is the conventional symbol of Ukraine in Latin letters; TR is the symbol of the compliance of the assessment body that is assigned to carry out works on conformity assessment to the requirements of the technical regulations; ХХХ is the identification number of the designated conformity assessment body.

The identification number of the designated conformity assessment body shall be affixed by such authority or, upon request, by the manufacturer or the authorised representative.

Note, in accordance to the UA Technical Regulations on LVD and EMC - it is not required to involve NCB for non-RF products approval procedure.

The National Declaration of Conformity (UA DoC) can be accepted by the manufacturer’s local representative in Ukraine (on the basis of PoA) who should keep the technical file on the territory of Ukraine and provide it to the Ukrainian Supervisoru Authorities during market surveillance. The conformity mark without the NCB identification number is applicable in this case.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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