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EAEU Market Access for Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment entering the market of the Eurasian Economic Union is subject to EAEU Technical Regulation 019/2011 «On the safety of personal protective equipment» (EAEU TR 019/2011).

Safety requirements for personal protective equipment established in EAEU TR 019/2011 are observed by defining and accounting the following hazard categories:

  • mechanical effects and general industrial pollution

  • harmful chemicals

  • ionizing and non-ionizing radiation

  • effect of high (low) temperature

  • impact of electric current, electric and electromagnetic fields

  • impact of biological factors (microorganisms, insects)

  • decreased visibility.

EAEU TR 019/2011 is applicable to the new personal protection equipment regardless of the country of origin used:

  • Against mechanical impact

  • Against chemical factors

  • Against high and (or) low temperatures

  • Against thermal risks of the electric arc, non-ionizing radiation, electric shock, as well as from the effects of static electricity

  • As special signal clothing with an increased visibility

  • As complex personal protective equipment

  • As dermatological personal protective equipment

Doesn’t apply to personal protective equipment used:

  • In sports

  • As samples at exhibitions and trade fairs

Doesn’t apply to specially designed personal protective equipment for:

  • Fire protection units and units that ensure liquidation of the consequences of natural and man-made disasters

  • Use in avia and space equipment and underwater works

  • Use for medical purposes and in microbiology;

Conformity of personal protective equipment with the requirements of EAEU TR 019/2011 is ensured by meeting safety requirements of the Technical Regulation, directly and/or applying the requirements of the standards from the list of interrelated standards that are an integral part of the Technical Regulations.

Conformity assurance of personal protective equipment with the requirements of EAEU TR 019/2011 shall be performed in the form of:

  • certification by an accredited body included in the EAEU Common Register of Certification Bodies and Testing Laboratories

  • declaration of conformity on the basis of first-party evidence and/or evidence obtained through participation of a certification body or an accredited testing laboratory included in the EAEU TR 019/2011 Common Register of Certification Bodies and Testing Laboratories.

Personal protective equipment is classified by the degree of risk of harm infliction to the user:

First class - personal protective equipment of simple design used in conditions with minimal harm risks to the user, which are subject to the declaration of conformity;

Second class - personal protective equipment of complex construction protecting against death or from hazards that can cause irreversible harm to the health of a user, which are subject to mandatory certification.

The main difference between EAEU CoC and EAEU DoC is that the Certification must be conducted with the third-party involvement (certification body and laboratory accredited in the EAEU system). EAEU DoC is admit to accept the Declaration on the basis of its own evidence without the third-party involvement.

Both EAEU CoC and EAEU DoC are mandatory documents and allow to put the products on the territory of EAEU members. The EAC mark is applicable for both procedures - EAEU CoC and EAEU DoC and has the same power.

Products that comply with the EAEU TR established requirements are marked with the conformity mark (EAC).

Conclusion: Personal protective equipment may be distributed on the EAEU market if it complies with EAEU TR 019/2011 and other applicable EAEU Technical Regulations and has passed the required conformity assurance procedures specified in EAEU TR 019/2011 and other applicable EAEU Technical Regulations.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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