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EAEU Market Access Requirements for Machinery and Equipment

Machines and equipment entering the Eurasian Economic Union market are subject to EAEU Technical Regulations 010/2011 "On the safety of machinery and equipment".

The Technical Regulations set minimum necessary safety requirements for machines and equipment to be observed during their development/design, manufacturing, installation, adjustment, operation, storage, transportation, sale, and recycling. The main aim of the document is to protect human life or health, property, environment, and animal life/health and prevent actions that may mislead consumers. The safety requirements for machinery and equipment established in EAEU TR 010/2011 are to be observed through defining and accounting for the following hazard categories: mechanical hazards, electrical hazards, thermal hazards, noise danger, and vibration hazards, radiation danger, hazards from exposure materials and substances, dangers due to non-observance of ergonomic principles in machine design, combinations of the hazards.

The conformity assessment procedure under EAEU TR 010/2011 implies an obligatory risk assessment of machinery and equipment and obtaining the document as known as Safety Justification.

Conformity for machinery and equipment with the requirements of EAEU TR 010/2011 is ensured by meeting safety requirements of the Technical Regulations, directly and/or applying the requirements of the standards from the list of interrelated standards that are an integral part of the Technical Regulations.

Conformity assurance of machines and equipment against the requirements of EAEU TR 010/2011 should be performed in the form of:

  • Certification by an accredited body mentioned in the EAEU Common Register of Certification Bodies and Testing Laboratories;

  • Declaration of conformity on the basis of first-party evidence and/or evidence obtained through the participation of a certification body or accredited testing laboratory mentioned in the EAEU TR 010/2011 Common Register of Certification Bodies and Testing Laboratories.

The following products are subject to the certification procedure:

- woodworking household machines;

- terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, and trailers;

- garage equipment for motor vehicles and trailers;

- agricultural machines;

- means of small-scale mechanization for mechanized gardening and forestry use, including electrical ones;

- livestock machines, poultry, and feed production;

- mechanized instruments, including electrical ones;

- manufacturing equipment for logging, timber, and rafting: gasoline saws, electric chain, and saws;

- technological equipment for the trade enterprises, public catering, and food blocks;

- equipment for stripping and cleaning work and securing mining: mechanized complexes, motor-powered support, and pneumatic tools;

- equipment for mine drilling: heading machines for coal and rock, metal fixture for development workings;

- trunk lifting equipment and mine transport: mining scraper conveyors; mining tape conveyors; and mining hoists;

- equipment for drilling holes and wells, equipment for charging and stemming of blast holes: pneumatic puncher (hammer drills), air hammers, machines for drilling in the mining industry, and installation drills;

- ventilation and dust control: mining ventilators, means of dust collection and dust control, oxygen compressors, etc.;

- hoisting equipment and lifting cranes.

The following products are subject to the declaration procedure:

- chemical equipment;

- oil and gas processing equipment;

- oilfield equipment;

- equipment for drilling and geological exploration;

- pumping equipment;

- cryogenic equipment;

- compressors;

- refrigeration equipment;

- gas-cleaning and dust-collecting equipment;

- cellulose and paper equipment;

- floor trackless industrial transport and autoloaders;

- industrial tractors;

- laundry equipment for dry cleaning and dyeing, light and food industries equipment, etc.;

- tools for milling cutters, cutters, circular saws, and circles;

- industrial pipe fittings and so on.

The EAEU TR 010/2011 is not applied to:

  • machines or equipment related to ensuring the integrity and sustainability of networks function and using of the radio frequency spectrum;

  • machines or equipment used for medical purposes and in direct contact with the patient (X-ray, diagnostic, therapeutic, orthopedic, dental, and surgical equipment);

  • machines or equipment specifically designed for the use in the field of nuclear energy.

  • wheeled vehicles, other than machines and equipment installed on it;

  • sea and river transport vehicles (ships including machines and equipment used on these vehicles);

  • aircraft and spacecraft equipment;

  • rolling stock and facilities specifically designed for the use for railways and underground;

  • attractions;

  • weapons and military equipment;

  • machines and (or) equipment intended for the use by people with disabilities;

  • agricultural and forestry tractors and trailers, other than machines and (or) equipment installed on it;

  • drilling platforms, other than machines and (or) equipment used on it.

When conformity assurance is performed for machines and equipment, the applicant should prepare a set of documents, which includes:

- safety justification;

- technical specifications;

- operation documents;

- list of standards subject to requirements for the machines and equipment (if applicable by the manufacturer);

- certificate for the manufacturer’s management system (where applicable);

- test reports for a machine and equipment;

- certificates of conformity or test reports for materials and components (where applicable);

- certificates of conformity for machines and equipment issued by foreign certification bodies.

In compliance with the established requirements of the EAEU TR 010/2011, the products should be labeled with the EAC conformity mark.

Conclusion: Machines and equipment may be distributed on the EAEU market if they comply with the EAEU TR 010/2011 and other applicable EAEU Technical Regulations and have passed the required conformity assurance procedures specified in the EAEU TR 010/2011 and other applicable EAEU Technical Regulations.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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