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Labeling of electrical products in EAEU countries

EAEU technical regulations contain main information that must be indicated on a product, operating documents and packaging.

Information should be presented in Russian and/or in the official language of the state - member of the Eurasian Economic Union, the territory where the product is manufactured and sold.

Following information must be indicated on a product and operating documents:

- Name and / or designation of the technical means (type, brand, model - if any);

- Main parameters and characteristics;

- Name and (or) trademark of the manufacturer;

- Country of manufacture;

- EAC mark.

If this information cannot be placed on a product, it can be indicated only in operating documents.

Name and (or) trademark of the manufacturer, name and / or designation of technical means (type, brand, model - if any) must be also indicated on a packaging.

Operating documents must contain the following information:

- Name and (or) designation of equipment (type, trademark, model);

- Main parameters and characteristics;

- Name and (or) trademark of the manufacturer;

- Country of manufacture;

- Information on the purpose of the product;

- Rules and conditions for safe operation, installation, storage, transportation, sale and disposal;

- Information on measures to be taken when a malfunction of the product is detected;

- Name and location of the manufacturer (authorised person), importer, information for communication with them;

- Month and year of manufacture of product and (or) information about the place of application and the method of determining the year of manufacture;

- EAC mark.

Operating documents is made on paper, electronic storage device may accompany it. Operating documents for the products not intended for household use may be accompanied by operating document stored on electronic device.

EAC mark

The mark consists of 3 letters “E”, “A”, “C” graphically drawn using right angles, having same height and width – representing precise proportions of a square on a light background or on a dark background.

  • The size of the sign must not be less than 5 mm;

  • Possibility of easy identification of the sign;

  • The image must be in contrast with the application surface;

  • It is forbidden to use several colors, or to change the proportions of the sign;

  • It is mandatory to apply on the packaging, product or documentation accompanying it;

  • The mark is to applied in any accessible way, which guarantees the clarity of visibility during the warranty period.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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