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EAEU market access for softlines (TR 007/2011 and 017/2011)

There are two main technical regulations in force in the Eurasian Economic Union (Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan) that establish requirements for the market access of the softlines:

EAEU TR 007/2011 “On the safety of products intended for children and teenagers”

EAEU TR 017/2011 “On the safety of light industry products”

Conformity of products with the requirements of the EAEU TR 007/2011 and 017/2011 is ensured by meeting safety requirements of Technical Regulations directly and / or by applying requirements of standards from the list of interrelated standards that are an integral part of a Technical Regulation.

EAEU TR 007/2011

This Technical Regulation establishes mandatory safety requirements for products intended for kids and teenagers, that have not been in use (new):

  • For the care of children (milk nipples, pacifiers, utensils, cutlery, hygiene and clothing accessories, toothbrush and gum massager);

  • Garments, textiles, leather and fur, knitted and single finished textiles;

  • Shoes and leather goods;

  • Baby strollers and bicycles;

  • Book publishing and magazine products, school supplies.

Requirements of EAEU TR 007/2011 does not apply to:

  • Products developed and manufactured for medical use;

  • Baby food;

  • Perfumes, cosmetics;

  • Sporting goods and equipment;

  • Teaching aids , tutorials, e-learning publications;

  • Toys, printed board games;

  • Furniture;

  • Products made for individual orders.

EAEU TR 017/2011

This Technical Regulation establishes requirements for light industry products in order to protect human life and health, as well as prevent actions that mislead users (consumers) of the following products:

  • Textiles;

  • Clothes and knitwear;

  • Machine-woven carpets and carpet products;

  • Leather goods, haberdashery and textile;

  • Felt and non-woven materials;

  • Footwear;

  • Fur and fur products;

  • Leather and leather goods;

  • Artificial leather.

Requirements of EAEU TR 017/2011 does not apply to:

  • Used products;

  • Products made to individuals’ orders;

  • Medical purpose products;

  • Special products, such as personal protective equipment and materials which are to be used for the manufacture of this equipment;

  • Products intended for youths and children;

  • Packaging textile materials;

  • Materials and products of a technical purpose;

  • Souvenirs and crafts;

  • Sports goods, intended to equip sports teams;

  • Wigs, fake beards, etc.

Forms of conformity assessment

State registration (applicable only to EAEU TR 007/2011) — form of compliance confirmation of the products with the requirements of sanitary and hygienic norms.

Document requirements for the certificate of state registration:

  • EAEU manufacturer or an authorized representative of a foreign manufacturer, importer.

  • No time-limit for the certificate of state registration.

Certification — form of compliance confirmation of a certain products with the requirements of the technical regulations by the certification body.

Declaration — form of self-compliance confirmation of the products with

the requirements of technical regulations.

Document requirements for the declaration of conformity and the certificate of conformity:

  • Applicant is an EAEU manufacturer or an authorized representative of a foreign manufacturer, importer.

  • Must contain information about standards, according to which requirements of the EAEU TR are confirmed (if applicable).

  • Mandatory information indication on storage conditions, service life (if necessary).

  • The validity of the certificate/declaration is up to 5 years.

Products in compliance with the EAEU TR established requirements are marked with the conformity mark (EAC).

It is possible to apply EAC mark on black or white background to have a clear view for the consumer.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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