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EAEU market access for toys

Toys entering the market of Eurasian Economic Union are subject to EAEU Technical Regulation 008/2011 “On the safety of toys”.

The document applies to toys (including electrical/electronic) that were not previously in use and does not apply to products which are not regarded as toys, as well as custom-made toys, exhibition samples (Christmas decorations, equipment for children's playgrounds, slot machines).

According to the EAEU TR 008/2011 toys must be designed and manufactured in a way to ensure no harm to life and health of children as well as people looking after them. The risk of using toys must be correlated with the age peculiarities of children.

EAEU TR 008/2011 establishes requirements to the organoleptic indicators, physical and mechanical properties, flammability, chemical properties, toxicological and hygienic indicators, electrical properties, microbiological indicators, packaging and marking of toys.

The marking of products must contain the following mandatory information:

  • Name of the toy;

  • Country of origin;

  • Name and location of the manufacturer (an authorized representative), importer, contact information;

  • Trademark of the manufacturer (if applicable);

  • Minimal age of the child for which the toy is intended or an icon indicating the age of the child;

  • Main construction material (for children that are up to 3 years old);

  • Methods of care of the toy (if needed);

  • Manufacture date (month, year);

  • Service life or shelf life (when established);

  • Storage conditions (if necessary).

The marking and technical documentation accompanying the toy must be provided in Russian and in the state language(s) of the Eurasian Economic Union member state(s), if necessary.

Conformity of toys with the requirements of EAEU TR 008/2011 is ensured by meeting safety requirements of the technical regulation directly or/and by applying the standards from the list of interrelated standards.

Technical regulation on the safety of toys provides for mandatory certification of toys. Certification is the form of compliance confirmation of a certain products by the certification body. The applicant to the EAEU certificate can only be an EAEU manufacturer, authorised representative of a foreign manufacturer or importer. The validity period of the certificate of conformity is up to 5 years.

Once the product has been successfully certified the EAC mark should be applied.

Toys that have passed the conformity assessment procedure and marked with the EAC mark are admitted to circulation in all the markets of EAEU participating countries (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan).


All the products which are considered as toys must comply with the EAEU TR 008/2011 requirements to get access the Eurasian Economic Union market.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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