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New revised Law on Standardization of China will come in force on January 1st, 2018

On the 4th of November the National’s People’s Congress Standing Committee approved the new edition of the Standardization Law of the People’s Republic of China.

The revised Law is coming in force from January 1st, 2018. The Law establishes rules and requirements concerning the formulation, implementation and supervision as well as administration of standards.

The main changes are listed below:

1. According to the new revision of Law all standards are classified as:

- national;

- industry;

- local;

- association;

- enterprise.

The standards are also classified as mandatory and voluntary. Mandatory standards must be applied, the application of voluntary standards is encouraged.

2. The national standards are divided into mandatory and voluntary. The mandatory national standards shall be designed to establish requirements for ensuring human health, safety of people's life and property, national security and eco-environmental safety, and meeting the basic needs of economic and social management. Industry and local standards are voluntary.

3. The frequency of standards’ revision is also established by the Law and it is no more than 5 years.

4. All products and services not meeting the requirements of the mandatory standards are forbidden for circulation in the market.


Starting from the 1st of January 2018 all market participants must comply with the new requirements established by the new edition of Standardization Law of the People’s Republic of China.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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