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EAEU Market Access for Perfumes and Cosmetics

To place perfumes and cosmetics on the markets of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan, all the manufacturers must meet the applicable requirements of the EAEU Technical Regulations “On safety of perfumes and cosmetics” (EAEU TR 009/2011). The Technical Regulations establishes safety requirements to perfumes and cosmetics products in a consumer packaging and doesn’t apply to products listed below:

  • intended for ingestion, inhalation, injection or implantation in the human body;

  • permanent tattooing products;

  • products used for disease diagnostics and treatment.

Safety requirements of the EAEU TR 009/2011 cover composition, physical and chemical characteristics, microbiological indicators, content of toxic elements, toxicological indicators, clinical and laboratory indicators, production, consumer packaging, and labeling of products.

The Cosmetics Labeling Guide provides exact and strict mandatory requirements for cosmetics labeling to protect consumers from unsafe or deceptively labeled or packaged products. A product label should contain:

  • name, title (if any) of perfumery and cosmetics

  • purpose of perfumery and cosmetics if it is not obvious from a product name

  • cosmetics, designed for children, should have the appropriate information on the label

  • manufacturer's name and location (legal address, including country)

  • country of origin

  • name and location of an organization (legal address) authorized by a manufacturer

  • nominal amount (volume or weight) of products in the consumer packaging

  • color and/or tone (for color cosmetics and colorants)

  • mass fraction of fluoride (% or mg/kg or ppm) for oral hygiene products containing fluorine

  • compounds

  • expiry date: date of manufacturing (month, year) and shelf life (months, years) or "best before" (month, year) or "use until" (month, year)

  • storage conditions

  • special precautions

  • batch number or a special code allowing to identify it

  • information on how to apply perfume and cosmetic products

  • list of ingredients

The EAEU TR 009/2011 sets two types of conformity assessment procedures - the Declaration of Conformity (EAEU DoC) and State Registration Certificate (EAEU SRC).

Products that are subject to state registration:

  • perfumes and cosmetics for artificial tanning

  • perfume and cosmetic products for bleaching (brightening) of the skin

  • tattooing cosmetics

  • intimate Cosmetics

  • perfume and cosmetic products of individual skin protection from the impact of harmful factors

  • baby care

  • perfume and cosmetic products for chemical staining, lightening, and highlighting hair

  • perfume and cosmetic products for perm and straightening

  • cosmetic products made with nanomaterial's

  • perfume and beauty products for hair removal

  • pilings

  • fluorinated oral hygiene, where fluoride mass fraction is more than 0.15% (for liquid oral hygiene products - 0.05%)

  • means for bleaching teeth comprising hydrogen peroxide or other components that produce peroxide hydrogen, including carbamide peroxide and zinc peroxide with a concentration of hydrogen peroxide 0.1% - 6.0%.

The Certificate of State Registration is valid until alterations leading to changes in safety indicators are made.

Perfumes and cosmetics which are not fall into the requirements of the State Registration procedure are subject to EAEU Declaration of Conformity. The validity of EAEU DoC is up to 7 years.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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