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Energy Efficiency label requirements for televisions in Ukraine

Starting from December 2, 2017 new requirements "On the approval of the Technical Regulations for the energy labeling of televisions" will come in force according to the Ukrainian Decree #359 as of 24.05.2017 with the guidelines for the EE label and microfiche, manufacturer's EE test report and EE class calculation.

Television sets and television monitors (TVs) are subject to the Ukrainian Technical regulations on energy labeling of televisions which is identical to the EU Regulation No. 1062/2010 as of September 28, 2010 (supplementing the 2010/30/EC Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council with regards to the energy labeling of televisions).


A sign of compliance with the technical regulations:

The EE label indicates the following information:

1) Name or trademark of the TV supplier;

2) Model of TV (code that distinguishes a particular TV model from other models of the same brand or the same supplier);

3) Energy efficiency class of the TV. The letter, meaning energy efficiency class, is placed at the same level as the corresponding arrow;

4) Power consumption of the TV in the "on" mode, rounded to the nearest whole number, W;

5) Annual volume of energy consumption calculated in accordance with the Technical Regulation for the energy labeling of televisions, rounded to the nearest whole number, kWh per year;

6) External diagonal of the TV screen, centimeters and inches;

7) Switch logo (if necessary), which turns the TV into a power consumption mode no higher than 0.01 W when the TV is turned off (for TVs with a noticeable switch).

The energy label is made according to the following scheme:

To produce a color energy label, blue, purple, yellow and black colors are used, white background for TVs with screen area more than 29 square decimeters, as well as white or transparent for TVs with an area of 29 square decimeters or less.

The color of any element of the energy label is formed by combining these colors in the percentage of each of them.

To denote the color of an element, a combination of four digits (digits) is used, which means the percentage composition of the colors in the sequence: cyan, magenta, yellow, black. For example: the color designation of the element of the energy label "00-70-X-00" indicates that it consists of 0 percent blue, 70 magenta, 100 yellow, and 0 percent black.

The energy label must be at least 60 x 120 millimeters in size. If the energy label is produced in a larger format, its dimensions should be increased proportionally.

Content of energy labeling:

  1. Borders;

  2. Color panel;

  3. Power logo;

  4. Color panel icon and power logo according to the sample;

  5. Border under the logo;

  6. Scale A+ - F;

  7. Energy efficiency class;

  8. Energy consumption;

  9. Switch logo;

  10. Power consumption in "on" mode;

  11. External diagonal of the TV screen;

  12. Name or trademark of the TV provider;

  13. Model of the TV;

  14. Place to indicate the name or trademark of the supplier and model of the TV in the size of 51 x 8 millimeters;

  15. The number and date of the regulatory act, approved by the Technical Regulation for the energy labeling of televisions.


The procedure is completely identical to the requirements of the European Union. The technical regulations of Ukraine is fully harmonized with the regulations of the European Union.

To put televisions on the Ukrainian market the following is required:

  • Technical energy documentation

  • EE label

  • Microfiche

EE label and microfiche must be in Ukrainian language.

According to the Technical Regulations, it is not required to confirm compliance of the products with the UA Technical Regulations on energy efficiency labeling. It is not required to obtain any approvals in Ukraine.

However, because market surveillance is periodically carried out by the bodies of state market supervision or the Secretariat of the Energy Community - it is necessary to have correct EE label for the products supplied to the market of Ukraine.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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