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Mexico market access for LVD products (Safety requirements)

All goods and products imported into Mexico must comply with all applicable technical regulations and labeling requirements. The Mexican Government publishes technical regulations and standards, through the Diario Oficial de la Federacion (Official Gazette).

Mexican Official Standards (NOMs) are one of the main components of the Mexican consumer protection policy. It is considered to be national mandatory rules for business establishing technical specifications on safety and/or information in the production and commercialization process of goods and services.

NOM certificate is mandatory and applies to over 2000 product categories from electronics to household appliances. NOM Safety certification will be required by Customs authorities when importing the products to Mexico.

Common SAFETY Resolutions:

NOM-001-SCFI: Electronic devices using different energy sources.

NOM-003-SCFI: Electrical Equipment (including products such as household appliances, hand-held tools, welding machines, socket-outlets, switchgear equipment and some others).

NOM-016-SCFI: Electronics office equipment.

NOM-019-SCFI: Data processing or IT products.

Some Safety NOM standards allow for family grouping. In case of electrical items for example, it means that if two or more items or model numbers have the same electrical characteristics (such as diagram, ratings and similar features) they may be grouped in one single family and you would be allowed to submit only one representative model for achieving NOM certification for all models in the group.

Previously, manufacturers from outside of Mexico have been required to send samples to Mexican laboratories for testing in order to obtain local certification.

Now importers and manufacturers have more efficient option of working with global service providers who can assist with testing and conformity evaluation in accordance with Mexico’s legal framework.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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