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Russian market access for Radio and Telecom products (FAC / FSS)

Almost all the products with RF modules and wired telecommunication products are subject to Russian Telecom Approval. The import and use of the telecom products are regulated by the requirements of Federal Agency of Communication (FAC) and Federal Security Service (FSS).

FAC regulation

FAC regulation is applicable on Russian territory only for the sale and use of telecom products and is not related to customs clearance procedures. The form of conformity assessment can be FAC Declaration or FAC Certificate (depending on the exact product).

The applicant for the FAC Declaration can be Russian company only. Family approval is not allowed for FAC Declaration procedure, however for the FAC Certificate procedure it is allowed to perform family approvals.

FSS Notification

FSS Notification is a documentary permission for the use of the cryptography (encryption) means in Russia.

The FSS Notification is a mandatory document which is required to be provided during the customs clearance in Russia. The FSS Notification must be officially registered, confirming that the product, which includes cryptography (encryption) means, is allowed to be imported and used in Russia.

The FSS Notification for each exact model must be registered only once and all the other importers will be able to use it for further import of that model into Russian territory, without additional permissions from the original FSS Notification holder.

The list of product categories subject to the registration of the FSS Notification is stipulated by the Decision of the Eurasian Economic Commission No. 30 as of April, 21 2015.

Generally, if the communication device has any encryption functions - the FSS Notification is required for it.

The applicant for the FSS Notification should be the manufacturer directly or local company acting under the apostilled and notarized PoA from the manufacturer.

There are no special national markings neither for the FAC Declaration / FAC Certificate nor for the FSS Notification.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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