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Market access update for Moldova

Starting from April the 1st, 2017 the Law No. 7 "On Market Surveillance Regarding the Sale of Non-Food Products" came into force in Moldova.

This law, in particular, applies to Low-voltage and RTTE equipment that fall under the requirements of Technical Regulations: "Ensuring the presence of electrical equipment intended for use within certain voltage limits" and "Radio and telecommunication terminal equipment and confirmation of their compliance".

The customs body in Moldova checks the products via document control and, if necessary, identifies the product. In the context of product identification, the customs authority checks the presence of CE and/or SM markings on low-voltage and RTTE equipment, as well as compliance with the established standards for the application of conformity marks.

Low-voltage equipment:

The presence of the CE marking for low-voltage equipment shows that the products have been subject to conformity assessment procedures and, therefore, when the products are introduced to or present on the market of Moldova, there is no need to repeat the conformity assessment procedures within the Moldova national system of conformity assessment.

The compliance of low-voltage equipment with the established safety requirements is confirmed by an EU declaration or certificate of conformity (CE mark). In the absence of CE marking on low-voltage equipment, compliance is confirmed within the framework of the national system for assessing the compliance of Moldova with subsequent application of the national SM conformity mark in the manner prescribed by the relevant Technical Regulations.

It is prohibited to use the SM mark together with the CE marking on the same low-voltage electrical equipment.

Radio and telecommunication terminal equipment:

To gain access for the RTTE equipment on the market of Moldova, the products must have both CE marking and confirmation in the national system of conformity of Moldova with the SM marking.

When RTTE product is put on the market of Moldova, only the conformity certificates issued by the National accredited Certification Bodies (CB) in Moldova are valid. For the purposes of issuing a national certificate of Moldova, the manufacturer must submit to the Certification Body of Moldova a full technical file that confirms compliance of products with the requirements of the relevant EU Directives.

The RTTE products, which meet all the national requirements of Moldova, must be marked with the SM and the CE marking.

Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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