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Energy efficiency label requirements in Ukraine

There are currently four National Technical Regulations on energy efficiency label requirements that are in force in Ukraine. The national requirements are applicable for the following four product categories:

  • Household electric refrigerators

  • Electrical lamps and luminaires

  • Household washing machines

  • Household dishwashers

The new National Technical Regulations on Energy efficiency label requirements were approved in Ukraine in May 2017. They will come in force in 6 months after the publishing date and are applicable for the following products:

  • Air conditioners: Decision as of 24.05.2017 # 360 "On the approval of the Technical Regulations energy labeling of air conditioners"

  • Household drum dryers: Decision as of 31.05.2017 # 380 "On the approval of the Technical Regulation of the energy labeling of household drum dryers"

  • Vacuum cleaners: Decree number 381 as of 31.05.2017 "On the approval of the Technical Regulations energy labeling of vacuum cleaners"

  • TVs: Decree number 359 as of 24.05.2017 "On the approval of the Technical Regulations energy labeling of TVs" (will come in force on December 2nd, 2017)

The Ukraine EE Technical Regulations correspond to the regulations of the European Union and require the following:

  • EE label in Ukrainian language

  • Energy technical documentation

  • Microfiche (product fiche)

  • EE class calculation

  • Information in cases when the end-users cannot be expected to see the product displayed is equal to the relevant clauses in the EU Directives

Below you will find the comparative table of Ukrainian TRs on the Energy Efficiency and the European Union Regulations:

Samples of the UA Energy Efficiency labels

Household electric refrigerators:

Electrical lamps and luminaries:

Household washing machines:

Household dishwashers:​

Air conditioners:

Household drum dryers:​

Vacuum cleaners:​


Information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team.

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