Egypt Reforms Type Approval Procedures

The National Telecom Regulatory Authority (NTRA) of Egypt again updates the type approval procedure in the country. In the beginning of the year, we’ve already notified our clients about the first changes in the type approval procedure in Egypt. If in the beginning of the year, there were only two schemes of approval for communication equipment: Light type approval scheme Tight type approval scheme Today, there are four of them. Apart from the above-mentioned, two additional schemes were added: Intermediate type approval scheme Guided type approval scheme So the light type approval scheme is applied when: a manufacturer is accredited under ISO 17025 with regards to EMC requirements or a manu

Slovakia Issues Temporary Regulations for Medical Devices

The Government of the Slovak Republic approved a temporary version of the regulation on technical requirements and conformity assessment procedures for active implantable medical devices. This version of the regulation is going to be effective from June 23, 2020 to May 25, 2021. This Government Regulation transposes such legally binding acts of the European Union as: Council Directive 90/385/EEC of 20 June 1990 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to active implantable medical devices Directive 2007/47/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 5 September 2007 amending Council Directive 90/385/EEC on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relat

Vietnam Updates Technical Regulation on Lithium Batteries

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam has approved Circular No.15/2020/TT-BTTTT at the beginning of July 2020. According to the Circular, new national technical regulation QCVN 101:2020/BTTTT becomes effective. This document establishes the requirements for lithium batteries used for portable equipment such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptop PCs. The Regulation was worked based on both international IEC 61960-3:2017 and national standards TCVN 11919-2:2017 (IEC 62133-2:2017). However, it is not identical to these standards and has its own provisions. Thus, if your product meets the requirements of IEC 61960-3:2017, it is not enough to s

Indonesia Gets Back to Standard Procedure for Certification of Telecommunication Devices

In May we have informed our clients about the new Circular “On application for certification procedure of telecommunication devices in the COVID-19 period” that was issued by the SPPI of Indonesia. It allowed to apply for the new certificate or for the recertification procedure without a full set of test reports providing. The SPPI allowed manufacturers to provide a part (e.g. EMC or RF test results) of test results with a sign and stamp statement in which the applicant must declare that he would be able to provide the complete reports no later than 6 (six) months from the Circular Letter Acting. This Circulation was intended to be valid until the determination of the expiry of the Status of

Denmark Issues New Order on Restriction of Phthalates in Toys and Toddler Products

The Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark issued Order No. 947 “On restriction of Phthalates in toys and toddler products” dated by June 20, 2020. According to this Order, it is forbidden to use phthalates in manufacturing of toys and products for toddlers or parts thereof with concentration of phthalates above 0.05% expressed in mass as well as to import or sell toys and children products or parts thereof containing phthalates in concentrations above 0.05% by mass. The Ministry describes the definition of toys and toddler products in the Order. It defines a toy as a product that is exclusively or partially designed or intended to be used by children from 0 to 36 months old for playing

Kazakhstan Significantly Updates Certification Policy

The Committee for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Ministry of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan notifies all participants of foreign economic activities about changes in the national conformity assessment procedure. According to the new Decision # 368 “On repeal of certain Decisions of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan” issued on June 10, 2020, the Decision # 367 “On mandatory confirmation of conformity procedure of products in the Republic of Kazakhstan” was voided. The Decision # 368 brings the national requirements in compliance with the valid legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as with the provisions of the Treaty of the Eurasian Econo

Update on Global Conformity Regulation Environment During the Outbreak of COVID-19 [as of July 17]

In light of the existing situation in the world caused by COVID-19, the majority of countries close their borders. As a result such activities as inspection control and production audit within the conformity assessment procedure are terminated or postponed. In the majority of cases, applicants are only able to submit only online applications. A lot of conformity bodies and laboratories have to close or significantly limit their activities. In the table below, we’ve made an attempt to show you the situation with the conformity assessment process in particular countries as of July 17, 2020. The information has been prepared by the GMA Consult Group team. GMA Consult Group provides a full cyc

GMA Consult Group Launches Online Certification Management System

On July 06, 2020, GMA Consult Group announced the official launch of the GMA Portal, a new cloud-based certification management system that is aimed at facilitating procedures associated with global market access. GMA Consult Group admits a customer-first approach in handling ITA projects. In order to correspond with business needs of the clients, the GMA Portal offers a new way for manufacturers and importers to access target markets easier and faster while reducing risks and extra expenditures. The system provides an efficient way of global market access that can sufficiently speed up the process of receiving required approvals. Moreover, it helps to adjust to the rapidly changing market

Thailand Issues Portable Power Bank Safety Requirements

The Thai Ministry of Industry recently issued the regulation on the mandatory conformity compliance procedure for the portable power banks with regard to safety requirements. Thus, to put power banks on the Thai market, it will be necessary to prove their compliance to the national safety standard TIS 2879-2560 “Portable Power Bank – Safety Requirements”. The standard itself was released in January 2019 and was advisory. This regulation binds manufacturers of portable power banks to ensure compliance of their products with national safety standard TIS 2879-2560. It means that this type of product after its compliance to the TIS 2879-2560 must be covered with the mandatory certification mark.

India Issues Revisions to Labeling Requirements for R&TT Products

In the middle of June 2020, the Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) of India revised the office memorandum TEC/10/2018-NC (Pt. III) on the procedure for Mandatory Testing and Certification of Telecom Equipment (MTCTE) again. Now the amendments concern the labeling requirements. We kindly remind you that to get the TEC certificate the Mandatory Testing & Certification of Telecommunication Equipment (MTCTE) in India requires testing to be carried out by TEC accredited labs. Once the TEC certificate is received, the label according to the national Indian requirements must be affixed on the product. These requirements are governed by the Indian Telegraph (Amendment) Rules. However, with t

Updates in Saudi Arabia Market Access

The Saudi Organisation for Standardization, Metrology and Quality (SASO) announces that the SABER platform and FASAH are fully integrated from July 1, 2020. FASAH is a unified portal for secure electronic data exchange between all parties and stakeholders involved in import and export operations. This portal allows users to facilitate the process of clearing the product at the customs ports through a single window. Please note that an applicant first needs to prepare the set of conformity documents and to fill in different import permission forms. When all the necessary procedures are passed, the Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) is checking the documentation to det

USA Introduces New Requirements to Hand-Held Infant Carriers

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) published amendments of the Code of Federal Regulation Title 16 CFR - Part 1225 “Safety standard for hand-held infant carriers” on May 20, 2020. The amendments are built upon the new version of standard ASTM F2050-19 “Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Hand-Held Infant Carriers” that has been approved on December 15, 2019 and replaced ASTM F2050-13a. The standard establishes performance requirements, test methods, and marking requirements to promote safe use of hand-held infant carriers. According to the standard, a hand-held infant carrier is a freestanding, rigid-sided or semi-rigid-sided product intended to carry an occupant whose t

USA Updates Requirements for Sling Carriers

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) published amendments of the Code of Federal Regulation Title 16 CFR - Part 1228 “Safety standard for sling carriers” on April 20, 2020. The amendments stemmed from the new version of standard ASTM F2907-19 “Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Sling Carriers” that replaces ASTM F2907-15. According to the standard, a sling carrier is a product of fabric or sewn fabric construction, which is designed to contain up to two children in an upright or reclined position while being supported by the caregiver's torso. The standard establishes performance requirements, test methods, and marking requirements to promote the safe use of sling carrier

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