Many countries around the globe require a local representative involvement and support for the foreign manufacturers during the process of market access of their product to various markets.​We at GMA Consult Group follow such requirements and provide this service wherever it is required.


If your products require approvals within the Eurasian Economic Union or Russian Federation, we can easily handle your request through one of our local representatives enabling your product with a faster time to market at reduced costs.


One of a few selected companies we work with for this purpose is the R-group LLC (Russia):

R-group has more than 5-year experience in the EAEU conformity assessment and certification services. The company’s professional liability is also insured by ALLIANZ Group (Germany).
Together we help with: 

  • Consulting on certification, declaration procedures as well as technical requirements in the EAEU

  • Obtaining permission and approval documents 

  • Customs clearance and storage

  • Factory audits

  • Communication with local authorities and certification bodies

  • Authorization letters

  • Quick and easy access to the EAEU zone

  • No need for additional resources and research, cost-saving

  • Handling with local authorities and certification bodies

  • Team of professional market access specialists on demand

Who can

Importers and distributors willing to sell goods to the Eurasian Economic Union markets.

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GMA Consult Group provides a full cycle of international type approval and global market access services for the IT, telecom and industrial electrical products in all countries throughout the world. 

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