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Your assets, as well as threats and vulnerabilities change every day, so we believe that the only way to build a foundation for cybersecurity is through an effective risk management program and by continuously updating your cybersecurity solutions.


Understanding the needs of the fast-paced world and inevitable digital transformation of the global market, GMA Consult Group formed a division focused on cybersecurity consulting services. REDdy Solutions provides effective assessment of your infrastructure, detects possible vulnerabilities and helps your company avoid potential cyber attacks.

  • To periodically assess current level of your data protection

  • To identify vulnerabilities

  • To test your data protection system based on continuously growing threats

  • To minimise your risks associated with cyberattacks

  • To arm you with knowledge

We are here to help you
  • Identify your security breaches with penetration testing

  • Improve protections of your assets with vulnerability assessment

  • Get insightful knowledge about cybersecurity trough professional consulting and training

Our team of cybersecurity experts is qualified to provide services from various perspectives including technology, IT, compliance, HR, and governance. We are dedicated to ensure the highest level of protection for our customers and minimize the impact of security incidents to organizations of all sizes around the world.


Read more about the services offered by REDdy Solutions at:

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